Translating FogBugz

Torsten Uhlmann

Mon, 19 Sep 2005

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

During the last couple of days I took the time to translate the fabulous FogBugz BugTracking system. I’ve tried a few bug tracking tools before and, quite frankly, did not intend to buy one since there are good free ones out there (even with german localization). But I then took the time to look into it since I heard from the people who should actually use the system that the free ones where too complicated. So I tried the 45 day free trial and was just overwhelmed by the simplicity it offers. Sure, you can’s tweak it into looking a whole lot different without editing the php (or asp if you install on Windows) sources, but it is in itself so well thought out that one very easily can find his way through. Now it’s also runnign in german on our support site since we serve customers who are not used to operate english user interfaces. I guess it’s the first german localization available… Update (31.03.2007): The latest FogBugz version (5.0.31) is bilingual now! It comes with german and english localization. A user can change the language depending on his preferences. But that’s actuay rarely necessary since FogBugz looks for the browser’s settings and sets the language accordingly. Well, they seemingly did not use my translation. But I think I must get over it :) Anyway, that’s great news for german users of FogBugz.