Being Authentic

Torsten Uhlmann

Mon, 08 May 2006

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

As we go along in our adventure to create a software development company, one of the most important steps for us is to find our identity. That one is crucial as it defines our company’s strategy, the things we do or don’t. IMG_0999.JPG

During the last couple of month I neglected the true source of our identity. What we have done was basically looking at our own strength and weeknesses and figuring out the products and services we can offer our customers. There are indeed a lot of very diverse gift’s assembled under the AGYNAMIX roof- yet that’s not the source of our identity. You see I wholeheartely believe that our creator in heaven has a divine plan with each one of us. He told us through his word, the Bible, that long before you were born he created a unique plan for your life. Something no one else can fit in, something special to you and you alone. Now two years ago around this time God started to speak to me about founding a company. I left my good paid job and great colleges I had there to be obedient. It’s not that God would have forced me to do something I don’t want. There was always a bit of a desire within me to start a business. Around 2000 with the .com hype I was considering this with a bit more seriousness. But I didn’t jump. Fear of the unknown? I don’t know. Now I know I was not ready back then. And it wasn’t the right timing. But this time, during October 2004 I slowly started this adventure. Then in March 2005 I left my old company (originally I had planned to leave in December but they have asked me to stay for an important project) and started to develop the first full blown application of my new microISV. So to summarize a bit: I believe God has called me into this business. I believe it is part of his divine plan for my live and the live’s it will affect. Yet until now I have tried to hide God from the public. Maybe because it is not politically correct, maybe because everyone else I know does it, maybe of fear of the consequences. Probably a mix of all of them. Img0026.JPG Yesterday I believe God spoke to my heart saying: If you hide me in what I have given you, I will hide out! If you are not afraid of confessing me I will not be affraid of confessing you! So I officially chose to run this company under God’s command. If we are successfull then this is not my fault! It’s God’s! And I’m willing to give him ALL the glory for a company success in times that are miserably appropriate to start a company from scratch (at least this is what it feels :) ). So this is what I want you to know, my dear reader. God has given us a lot of gifts. But those are just gifts. It’s much better to work with the one who gives! Thank you for bearing with me, have a nice day!