Our new website is up and running

Torsten Uhlmann

Tue, 05 Sep 2006

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

I invite you to look at our brand new internet presentation. I much more like the look compared to our old one. I’m not quiet satified though with the link rewriting module we use in our Joomla site. But this one (404SEF) was the only one working together with Joomla’s Joom!Fish translation component (OpenSEF does not at the moment). It was not an option for me to set up two separate sites anyway. In the future I think we’re gonna be heading the Typo3 way. Typo3 is a very complex CMS system yet it yields capabilities unmatched by others (that I know). One way to stay ahead of competition is to utilize the more complex yet more powerful tools. It is very easy to set up a Joomla CMS (creating a great Layout is far more difficult). It is much harder to set up Typo3. I’ve done this a while ago (with Typo3 V3) and it was struggling me against technology. I don’t know if I wan, though :) I’ve set up a test system but the whole process was pretty tiring. Anyway, Typo3 V4 is said to be much more intuitive to use. So, let’s check again. Let me know if you like our page and what you think could be improved (of course there is room for improvement).