A few more freebies

Torsten Uhlmann

Sun, 25 Mar 2007

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

We had some intern work done lately. Two of the results are a simple Tax Calculator and a port of TiddlyWiki to the Windows Vista™ Sidebar. The Tax Calculator is useful if you have to recalculate between a gross and a net value of some amount of money. In the Calculator you just enter the amount and then push one of two buttons depending if you want to convert from gross to net or the other way round. You can grab a copy here. The SideWiki is a port of the popular TiddlyWiki. As TiddlyWiki SideWiki runs within the IE engine that drives the Vista Sidebar. It does not need any server. You can use it to store your personal information in a wiki styled tool. Also, if you follow the Getting Thing Done (GTD) (developed by David Allen) methodology, this tool is for you! SideWiki is still kind of a beta since it lacks documentation and might still have a few rough edges. But give it a try and us the feedback. Enjoy, Torsten.