FogBugz 6 Beta

Torsten Uhlmann

Fri, 06 Jul 2007

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

Today I got a mail from Fogcreek with a download think to their latest beta of FogBugz. We have it running on a Windows 2003 server with a mysql 5 database. The upgrade from a recent version 5 was super easy I have to say. Just clicked through the installer and upgraded the database through the website. Everything ran smooth and without trouble. The biggest most impressive change that has just leaped out of the browser and banged at my head was the wiki integration. With a WYSIWYG editor that actually works! It was very easy to create tables and edit them or create links to other content. Speaking of links, one can of course link to a FogBugz case from a wiki page. When done the linked to case will reflect the wiki pages that contain links to this case. Way cool! I love it so far.