First Simidude Review

Torsten Uhlmann

Fri, 13 Feb 2009

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

A few days ago my new software Simidude received its first review. The german blogger tAXMAN Tom was running a post about network clipboards- actually the perfect situation Simidude is made for. I wrote a comment to this post and invited Tom to give Simidude a try which he did.Shortly after that his blog conceived a new post about Simidude in rather enthusiastic words. The bottom line of his post: “For me Simidude is exactly what I’ve been looking for” (translated from german). If you are a blogger I would like to offer you a free license of Simidude. Just write me an email with a link to your blog- I will unconditionally send you a license back. If you do use Simidude please consider writing a review in your blog… On a personal matter: Tomorrow night my family and I will start into one week of hysterically longed for holiday. I will read my emails but my response time might be longer than an hour. I though do try to read me email every day… So you to have a great week!